Project description

Discover Bullfy’s project: Education and Trading in a Single Social Application:

The trading world demanded a solution that combined education and trading in a comprehensive application with social networking features. Btrading proposed the development of Bullfy, the first Social Network for Education and Trading. Bullfy allows users to follow professional traders, access their analyses and training courses, creating a reliable and useful space for those interested in the trading sector.


The challenge was to unite education and trading on a single social platform. Bullfy had to be accessible to people of all levels of trading knowledge and offer diverse content, from market analysis to training courses.

Programs Used:

In the Bullfy project, we used key technologies such as MongoDB for data management, NodeJS for backend development, and React Native for the mobile application. The design team was responsible for creating an intuitive and appealing user interface in Figma, while the front-end team handled the technical implementation of the application.

Benefits for the client and the user:

Bullfy is a valuable tool for those interested in trading, offering education and analysis on an accessible social platform. Users can join channels of professional traders, access training courses, receive real-time market quotes, and discover new investment opportunities. This platform will benefit both those who want to learn about trading and those looking to improve their skills in the financial world, providing a comprehensive and attractive solution in a single social application.

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