Project description

Discover the BedBug ID Project: Revolutionizing Agriculture in the United States:

The Extrasense team, in partnership with one of the most prominent Latin-rooted technological hubs in the United States, embarked on a project aimed at revolutionizing agriculture in this country. Their focus was on the application of technology for pest control, a significant challenge in modern agriculture.


The main problem that this project set out to solve was the need for more efficient and precise control of insect pests in U.S. agriculture. Traditionally, this process had been costly and time-consuming. BedBug ID sought to provide a quick and effective solution for identifying insects and managing pests more accurately.

Programs used:

In this project, development teams utilized technologies such as MongoDB, NodeJS, React, and React Native to create the BedBug ID application and the corresponding control panel. The design team also took care of the entire UI.

Benefits for the client and user:

BedBug ID provides farmers and agriculture professionals in the United States with a valuable tool for quickly and accurately controlling insect pests. Pest identification has been greatly simplified, reducing the time and costs associated with their management. This technological solution not only benefits farmers but also contributes to more sustainable and efficient agriculture in the country.

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