Project description

Discover the Greca Project: transforming business investment through Artificial Intelligence:

GRECA proposed revolutionizing the entrepreneurship and business financing sector through an AI-based investment platform. Their goal was to present carefully selected and evaluated companies to investors, streamlining M&A processes for entrepreneurs, SMEs, investors, and advisors. The client needed a technological solution that leveraged over 25 years of experience in financing and financial consulting for different types of companies.


The client needed a highly efficient and accurate investment platform capable of meticulously selecting and evaluating companies to present to investors. They also required a streamlined and efficient M&A process.

Programs used:

Angular was the key technology used in this project. Our technical team worked closely with the client to implement this technology and develop a cutting-edge investment platform.

Benefits for the client and user:

GRECA now has an AI-based investment platform that streamlines and optimizes the selection of companies for investment. Investors have access to more precise and evaluated business opportunities, while companies find a platform to connect with suitable investors efficiently. The project benefits the client by offering a cutting-edge technological solution and benefits users by facilitating investment and M&A processes.

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