Project description

Hospitales Pascual, an Andalusian company dedicated to the promotion and management of health services, trusted us for the update of their online presence. It stands out with 5 hospitals certified with the highest distinction in quality by the Andalusian Health Service. Their commitment to cutting-edge medical technology and 24-hour emergency services reflects their dedication to comprehensive patient care.

Objective and Issue

The project’s objective was to update the Hospitales Pascual website, providing a modern and functional platform. The main issue was the need to improve visibility and accessibility of information related to various medical specialties, details of each hospital, access to the medical staff directory, and enhance communication through the news section.

Solutions and Results Achieved

Redesign of Navigation: Intuitive Interface

We implemented an intuitive, responsive navigation design, allowing users to easily discover all specialties of each hospital, providing visitors with a detailed experience of the services offered.

Additionally, a news and information section was added, strengthening communication with the community, keeping users informed about news and events.

We implemented a powerful Medical Staff Directory search, improving accessibility for users to quickly find information about healthcare professionals as it allows precise and rapid searches.

Development using WordPress, HTML, and CSS

We worked with WordPress as a base, complementing it with custom development in HTML and CSS to tailor the platform to the specific needs of Hospitales Pascual.

Moreover, the website incorporates specific plugins, some of which were customized to meet the particular needs of the project.

The use of WordPress allowed flexibility and customization, ensuring the website perfectly fit the needs of Hospitales Pascual.

Alignment with Mission and Brand Strengthening

The website update contributed to Hospitales Pascual’s mission of providing quality health services, demonstrating their commitment to excellence.

The modernization of the web platform strengthened Hospitales Pascual’s online presence, creating a solid and reliable image.

This project not only met technical objectives but also showcased our ability to incorporate specific solutions and how we supported Hospitales Pascual’s mission and values in comprehensive and accessible healthcare.”

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