Project description

Discover the PR MyRsc project: promoting corporate social responsibility with technology:

Pernod Ricard Spain, with a portfolio of internationally renowned brands, was seeking a solution that would provide a comprehensive view of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies. The goal was to help integrate these policies into the daily routine of the company, promoting a deep sense of responsibility both internally and externally.


The challenge was to develop an application that would allow Pernod Ricard Spain to effectively manage and communicate its CSR policies, ensuring that these policies were understood and followed by its staff. It was essential to create a tool that would facilitate the integration of CSR into the company’s culture.

Programs used:

We used Objective C and PHP for the development of the PR MyRsc application. Our mobile and web application development team ensured that the application was efficient and easy to use, allowing for effective management of Pernod Ricard Spain’s CSR policies.

Benefits for the client and the user:

PR MyRsc has enabled Pernod Ricard Spain to effectively communicate its CSR policies both internally and externally. It has facilitated the integration of social responsibility into the company’s daily routine and has helped reinforce a culture of responsibility. The application benefits both the client and the users by promoting leadership based on responsibility and sustainability.

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