Project description

Discover the SmartDegrees project: empowering the validation of academic degrees:

SmartDegrees embarked on an ambitious project to develop a free application with the goal of boosting the validation of academic degrees and certificates in the job market and society at large. SmartDegrees’ vision was to create a platform that allowed users to register, certify, and manage their degrees on the blockchain, ensuring their validity and security.


The main challenge we faced was the need to create a solution that would enable graduates to add value to their academic degrees in a secure digital environment. We also had to address the issue of data ownership, ensuring that users were the sovereign owners of their academic information. Additionally, we needed to implement blockchain technology to guarantee the inviolability of the certificates.

Used Technologies:

We used Ethereum for the blockchain, NodeJS for development, Objective C for the mobile application, and WordPress for managing the website content. Figma was also used for design.

Benefits for the client and the user:

Together with SmartDegrees, we have transformed the validation of academic degrees by providing graduates with a secure and convenient platform backed by blockchain, giving them total control over the presentation of their certificates. Additionally, it offers employers and third parties a reliable solution to verify the authenticity of degrees, streamlining selection processes. This innovation benefits both graduates and companies, promoting more effective degree validation in the job market and fostering trust in the authenticity of academic achievements.

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