Project description

Discover the app for German athletes:

Sporthilfe needed a customized application that could provide athletes with critical information and specific functionalities to enhance their performance in games. This application was meant to be a valuable tool that allowed athletes to access relevant data and streamline their preparation and participation in events.


The main challenge we faced was to develop an application that was fully tailored to the individual needs of each athlete. The diversity of sports and differences in training approaches required a highly personalized solution. Additionally, time was of the essence as the games were rapidly approaching.

Used Technologies:

Mendix, Figma

Benefits for the client and the user:

The developed application not only benefited German athletes by providing them with a valuable tool to improve their performance but also benefited users by offering an intuitive and functional user experience. The collaboration between the design and development teams ensured that the application met the client’s expectations and delivered real value to both athletes and their followers.

Technical details


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