Software Development

We design and develop complete digital products with End-to-End software solutions focused on your needs and those of your users. Our Agile methodology and Design Thinking approach ensure that your project is a success.


Agile methodology


Our expertise

Agile Squad: reach further, faster, and better accompanied.

We have a professional, fully autonomous, and self-managed team capable of integrating into your company’s processes and dynamics. We work hand in hand to help you achieve your goals in the most effective way.

  • Collaboration without borders: Our teams are not ‘providers’; they are partners in your success. We work side by side with you to achieve your goals.

  • Maximum efficiency: The autonomy and self-management of our teams allow for efficient project execution, avoiding unnecessary delays.

  • Deep knowledge: By immersing ourselves in your processes, we acquire deep knowledge that enables us to make informed and strategic decisions.

  • Continuous growth: Our collaboration doesn’t stop at task execution; we also foster innovation and continuous learning.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions (AI)

We harness existing Artificial Intelligence engines to provide effective solutions. We work on projects where the integration of advanced AI capabilities is required to enhance efficiency and decision-making. Our approach is based on strategically applying AI to optimize processes and improve the productivity of our clients.

Cloud service

We offer the possibility of using various Cloud Platforms managed by PTG for hosting the application, selecting the most suitable one based on your needs.

Post-project support

At PTG, we believe in long-term commitment to our clients. Post-project support is more than a promise; it’s a guarantee. We don’t leave you alone after implementation. We are always available to address changes, carry out updates, and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Your success is our ongoing commitment.

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