Project description

The world of Trading has been with us for a long time and demanded a solution like the one they devised and proposed to develop from Btrading. Create a software solution that allows you to combine education and trading, all in a complete app with social network functionalities. Thus was born Bullfy.

Bullfy is the first Social Media for Education and Trading, which allows you to follow professional Traders, see their analysis and training courses.

Do you have friends in the financial world? No? Well, now you have them. Meet Bullfy: a reliable and useful educational application with complete knowledge in the Trading sector.

Do you doubt if it will be for you? No matter your level of knowledge, Bullfy is for you!

Bullfy has a lot to offer: The largest Traders RRSS, courses, tips, premium channels, real-time market quotes, news, and analysis. With all this material in a single application, you can start from the most basic to the maximum detail in trading.

– Join channels of Professional Traders for free to have access to all their publications and their best analysis.
– Discover new Traders through our platform, analyze their statistics and rate their courses.
– Find valuable information in the courses and analyses published by our community of Traders.
– Market quotes in real-time
– Professional: our comprehensive courses, with real case studies, were developed by financial experts, to transform you also into an expert.
– Personalized: the application offers you adapted courses, attractive questionnaires, a useful glossary, educational videos to acquire the skills and abilities of an investor.
– Mobile: Learn to trade anywhere. Wherever you are or when you choose, the application allows you to learn about the market at the time and place that best suits you.

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