Project description

The world of agriculture is changing and Comeca knows that. Digitization is unstoppable and they want to transfer that change to a usually traditional sector.

In the Comeca project, the objective was to completely change the old brand image. A new website, logo change, new colors, … a new Comeca was sought with a renewed image and adapted to current times. Our work at PTG went from conceptualization and design to development and release, great teamwork, where we directly involved with the client in the construction of a solution adapted to their tastes and needs. The result was an attractive, visual website, with a very worked “”customer journey”” so that the targeted users had intuitive and simple navigability through all the sections of the website. One of the most notable sections of the web is the machinery configurator. With a few clicks, the user can make multiple combinations of agricultural products and can decide their purchase of products from the palm of their hand.

Technical details



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