Project description

Discover the Inspiralia intranet project: improving internal management:

Inspiralia, a leading company in Research, Development, and Innovation services, required a digital solution to optimize the internal management of the company. They were in search of an Intranet that would provide their employees with a personal space and efficient access to tools, content, and applications necessary for their daily work.


The rapid growth of Inspiralia demanded a digital tool that facilitated internal management and collaboration among employees. The challenge was to create an Intranet that effectively and efficiently met these needs.

Programs used:

Our development team worked closely with Inspiralia to define requirements and develop the Intranet. Technologies such as MongoDB, NodeJS, and React were used to create a robust and highly functional platform.

Benefits for the client and user:

The developed Intranet for Inspiralia has significantly improved the internal management of the company. Employees now have quick and easy access to the tools and resources they need in their day-to-day activities. This has increased efficiency and internal collaboration, translating into enhanced productivity and competitiveness for Inspiralia in the market. Employees have praised the accessibility and convenience provided by the Intranet.

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