Project description

SmartDegrees is a free application whose objective is to value academic degrees and certificates in the labour market and in society, promoting services around the degree and guaranteeing the validity of the degrees.

From the application and its associated platform, you will be able to register and certify your titles in blockchain, manage them and share them on work platforms, recruiters and third parties, adding the link of the certificate in your profile. It has the following benefits:

· Enhance the securities, as they are safe digital assets, managed from your smartphone.

· As a licensee, you are the sovereign owner of your data and you decide how, where and when to display it.

· The app and its supporting technology, blockchain, guarantee its inviolability.

You have to follow the following basic steps:

1. Enter, press Register and fill in the requested information, so that your university sends the data of your degrees to the blockchain.

2. Download and install the SmartDegrees app, open it and log in with the username and password that you will receive by mail.

3. Press Titles and you will be able to show them, as well as share them on your networks.

4. To add the link to the blockchain certificate in your profile, for example from Linkedin, press the lower right button and copy the link in your profile

The SmartDegrees application provides you with the most comfortable, safe and economical way to manage your degrees, in your pocket.

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